Running in Place

Here’s a proposition: Purpose is the ACT of consciously applying our motivated strength and resources to people and projects that move us and in which we believe.

That’s more than a mouthful to swallow in one bite, so let’s parse it into edible chunks. It’s an “act”, so it implies that we have to DO something, not just think about it.  We apply our “motivated strength,” that power within us that derives from truly desiring to accomplish something that matters to us.  And we apply that power, along with other resources we possess, to influence other people, when we need the help of others, to achieve our goals, successfully completing those “projects” that give meaning to our lives.

Suppose that proposition is true.  If that’s the case, it’s possible that stagnation on life’s journey may simply be the result of a clouding of one’s sense of purpose. If your conscious attention is focused on nothing more than “getting through the day,” all of your energy keeps you “running in place” rather than “finishing the race.”

Are you running in place?


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  1. Hi Dave,
    I totally agree with your proposition. I feel that I am not running in place, but doing many of the things that I feel are important. I have been elected to the Resident Advisory Committee here at Cedar Crest, and I will serve for a 3 year term. There are nine of us on the committee, each with specific areas of concern. I am responsible for Security and Transportation. I act as intermediary between the 2000 residents and the management. Problems are brought to me, and I meet with management to help resolve them. I find that very rewarding. I am also on the Finance Committee which meets monthly, and with the Board of Directors twice a year. I truly love my life here, and I am so very happy that I made the move to come here.

    1. For those who don’t know him, John was my first boss at Prudential. I had the privilege of working for him three different times during my career at Prudential. He taught me everything I know about nurturing and developing talent. He is and always will be an inspiration to me.

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